White Python No More Mites Spray 200ml

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White Python No More Mites Spray 200ml

Product Code: VWN200

White Python No More Mites Spray 200ml

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White Python No More Mites Spray 200ml

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No More Mites is a new mite spray formulation from WhitePython that kills any insect whilst remaining completely safe to snakes.

It is a surface and space spray, meaning that you only need to spray your snake's terrarium rather than put your snake through stress of spraying directly onto it's body.

This unique, highly concentrated formulation means fewer treatments are required to completely rid your terrarium of mites and at double the size of it's nearest competitor offers great value for money!

It contains 0.25% Pyrethrins, an extract from Chrysanthemum flowers harvested from sustainable plantations in Kenya and Rwanda and bought back to Britain for manufacturing.


  • Remove snake from enclosure and place in temporary holding container. (At this stage, bathing the snake in luke warm water is recommended.)
  • Clean out the snake's enclosure and replace substrate with a hygienic substrate such as newspaper.
  • Do not put water dish in the enclosure.
  • Put all other hides and decor back into the enclosure.
  • Shake No More Mites can well and spray entire enclosure to give light coating across all surfaces.
  • Allow a minimum of 1 hour before placing the snake back into the enclosure.
  • Repeat the above process 7 days later. (Do not treat more often than this.)