Zoo Med Bug Napper

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Zoo Med Bug Napper

Product Code: EZB100

Zoo Med Bug Napper

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Zoo Med Bug Napper Zoo Med Bug Napper

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Easily catch live, natural food for your pet herps and feed them for FREE! The Bug Napper catches flying insects like moths, beetles, gnats, flies, etc. and is designed with an adjustable bug collection cup for catching different size bugs. Feed fresh bugs to lizards (i.e. geckos and chameleons), tree frogs, toads, sugar gliders, softbills, tarantulas, and many others! Easy to empty "no touch" collection cup means you don't have to handle bugs!
Attracts bugs with a special long-lasting energy-efficient compact fluorescent bug lamp.
Convenient lid and handle attaches to collection cup for easy transportation of captured bugs.

Additional Information:
Also great for catching insect specimens for school science projects or bug hobby collections.