Zoo Med Wipe-Out 1 258ml

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Zoo Med Wipe-Out 1 258ml

Product Code: VZD260

Zoo Med Wipe-Out 1 258ml

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Zoo Med Wipe-Out 1 258ml

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Biodor Terra is a multiuse terrarium cleaner with microbiological action against bad odours. The product is earth friendly and save for use with animals.

Biodor is supplied as concentrate and water has to be added before use. For easy handling a spray bottle with marking is already supplied in the package. Depending on the desired use the product can be easily diluted. For cleaning glass fronts a dilution of 1:15 (Biodor : water) is sufficient whereas for cage furniture a dilution of 1:5 is recommened. One bottle ofBiodor concentrate is sufficient for up to 7,5L working solution.

Thanks to its special working agents Biodor not only removes dirt and odours but also lime stains. When used regularly (weekly use recommened) it can prevent lime stains and odours from occuring.