Exo Terra Snake Cave Large

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Exo Terra Snake Cave Large

Product Code: DHS015

Exo Terra Snake Cave Large

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Exo Terra Snake Cave LargeExo Terra Snake Cave Large

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exo terra

Snakes and lizards often need somewhere to hide in order to feel safe. The Snake Cave allows them to do this and also doubles up as a shedding or nesting box with moss!

Perfect For Your Pet?
  • Your pet wants to be able to hide away.
  • Your reptile is about to shed and requires a damp box.
  • Your snake or lizard is expecting eggs.
Perfect For You?
  • Natural looking.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Solid and stable.
  • Moss included.
  • 3 sizes available


Suitable For..
  • Any and every reptile or amphibian that likes a bit of privacy.
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