Royal Python Care Sheet

Natural History

Royal pythons are a very commonly kept pet snake originally from Africa. In the UK they are usually called royal pythons following the species name Python regius. In America they are more commonly referred to a ball pythons as they tend to curl up into a ball when threatened.

The natural colour and pattern for this species are shades of brown in blotches running the full length of the snake. The head is typically quite small compared to the girth of the snake at its thickest point. Royal pythons have a relatively thin neck which gradually widens out to a bulky body. As they have been bred in captivity for decades now many colour and pattern changes have been selectively bred out of the species. The royal python probably has the most colour and pattern 'morphs' of any snake in captivity.

Royal pythons are widely distributed along many countries along the central band of the African continent but in each country they can typically be found in grasslands, savannas and wooded areas.

Fouta Djallon - central Guinea