Turtles & Terrapins

About Turtles and Terrapins

Turtles and terrapins are a very popular pet to keep in the UK but as they require quite a large enclosure and a little more care they aren't as common as some other reptiles. There are many species often available ranging from very small and colourful turtles and terrapins like the Musk or Reeve's to large species like yellow belly sliders.

As a group that requires a large fully submerged space as well as a dry basking area, turtles and terrapins provide a unique oppertunity to create a very diverse and beautiful enclosure. With the increasing popularity of bio-active enclosures and natural looking aquascapes it really can be treated like a natural environment that will grow and develop with your turtle or terrapin.

Turtles and terrapins usually require clean and warm water in the majority of their enclosure then a dry area with intense heat and UV. The turtle or terrapin will periodically leave the water to dry out and warm up before diving back in for some more antics. The heat and UV provided in this area makes sure they are warm enough to be active and healthy while providing enough UVB for the turtle or terrapin to produce it's own vitamin D.

Turtles and terrapins are mostly omnivorous but eat a lot more protein than vegetation. We feed mostly aquatic livefood, locust, crickets, worms or pre prepared turtle diets. Very occasionally some species can be fed meatier meals like fish, prawns or frozen thawed pinkie mice.

It's easy to provide the perfect environment at home for a terrapin or turtle. Northampton Reptile Centre has everything you should need and have expert staff who can help you every step of the way. Contact us for more information.