About Amphibians

Amphibians can be found in many countried all around the world and such a wide territory has led to a great diversity between species. From colourful and quick arboreal frogs to the extremely large terrestrial toads and exotic salamanders or axolotls there is a perfect amphibian for any environment. The sheer range of environments they come from means you can build almost any enclosure and find an amphibian to thrive in it.

Tree dwelling amphibians , like the milk frogs, love tall and warm enclosures with natural plants and lots of light. Other amphibians like axolotls require a completely aquatic environment, and some amphibians like yellow belly toads or fire salamanders do best with a mixture of land and water. For the most part amphibians tend to have a protein rich diet with livefoods at it's core. Some of the larger amphibians like horned frogs or bullfrogs will also eat meat, like fish or frozen thawed pinkie mice, every now and again.

Some amphibains that come from tropical regions will need low levels of UV lighting in addition to the warmth so they can create their own vitamin D. Once set up with the correct environment they usually only need fresh water and a basic diet. Unlike dogs, cats or rabbits amphibians can thrive without constant attention making them ideal for first time keepers, people with little room to spare for a pet or people who can't spare a lot of time on their animals upkeep.

It's easy to provide the perfect environment at home for amphibians. Northampton Reptile Centre have everything you will need and have expert staff who can help you every step of the way. Contact us for more information.