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The Reptile Specialists in Northampton

Want to know about reptiles? Northampton Reptile Centre are here to help. We want you to enjoy keeping reptiles, reptile keeping is a wonderful hobby.

Throughout this reptile website you will discover everything you need to know to keep reptiles like a professional. Our reptile blog is like an online reptile magazine, it's crammed full of information that you can browse at your leisure. If you're looking for more specific reptile information, you can check out our reptile caresheets.

They'll talk you through every aspect of a reptile setup. We want you to be confident that you have all the knowledge and know how to care for your reptile before you purchase a reptile setup. You can even wet your appetite by flicking through our reptile photos in our reptile pictures galleries. Once you've decided on which pet reptile you're going to keep, you'll need to get the correct reptile equipment.

Over the past 20 years we've tested every product available and will pass that knowledge onto you by only recommending the best products for your reptile.

As reptiles are exothermic, they rely on us to provide them with heat. We have the best heating products for reptiles to make that easy for you. You may also need to provide your reptile with good quality UVB reptile lighting. This is especially important for basking lizards like bearded dragons.

Snakes will usually benefit from reptile hides within their vivarium so we have a large choice of reptile decor and artificial plants to create the perfect reptile habitat. Crested Geckos love climbing in their terrariums! Once home, your reptile will require feeding.

We deliver reptile livefood and frozen snake food fast, it's the freshest reptile food available and very convenient. As nutrition is so important, we also offer you a huge choice of reptile vitamins and minerals.

Don't forget, if you still have any questions, you can contact us anytime. Our enthusiastic reptile team are always on hand to help you.