Yemen Chameleon Care Sheet

Natural History

Yemen chameleons are an arboreal lizard found in the jungles and forests of the Arabian Peninsula. They are most commonly seen within Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Other common names for this species include the cone-head chameleon and veiled chameleon. Generally shades of green and teal, this chameleon is designed to blend into the foliage.

Male Yemen chameleons are generally much larger than the females. As well as the standard green patterns they may also display blue, teal and yellow in distinctive patterns along the abdomen and tail. Naturally, males also live much longer with an average lifespan of 7-8 years against the typical 3-4 year lifespan of a female.

As you may expect, these chameleons can and often will change their colours however it's not usually an attempt to hide. Normally the brighter colours are expressed when the chameleon is warm and contented whereas colours may dim and dark spots may appear when the chameleon is cold or stressed. Specific events also cause colour changes in the chameleon. For example, males are much brighter in the breeding season and females often display brown or black markings when gravid.

This species will spend almost all of its time off the ground. They are normally found standing still or swaying from side to side gently, attempting to blend in with their perch. They will spend most of the day awaiting prey.

The Arabian Peninsula