Panther Chameleon Care Sheet

Natural History

Panther chameleons are a beautiful species of arboreal lizard found on the north eastern section of Madagascar. They are normally found within the denser sections of forest and jungle where the prey and cover is abundant.

The panther chameleon can change drastically in colour depending on where its ancestor was found. These are known as different locales. In captivity the panther chameleons are generally bred within their own locale groups to maintain the colour patterns for that area.

As with other chameleons there is a stark contrast between male and females of the species. Males are generally very colourful with distinctive patterns running the length of their abdomen. They are generally taller and longer lived than females. The females have a less prominent crest, remain a salmon pink colour for the majority of their lives and are usually much smaller than the males.

This chameleon is a brilliant hunter and can spot its prey from up to 10m away. They normally remain still on their branch with leaves in the backdrop to break up their shape. The eyes move individually looking to spot prey then come together to provide depth perception when attempting to strike. The chameleon is extremely accurate with its extendable tongue and can catch many insects, amphibians, small reptiles or small mammals.