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About Royal Pythons

Royal pythons are a very popular exotic pet in the UK and many peoples first pet snake. They are usually very freindly, won't get very large and can be handled with ease making them great for a first time keeper. This snake also has a huge number of colour and pattern morphs allowing for pure white, dark black or anything in between.

Most males will only reach 4ft in length while females could get a little over 6ft in length. Both have a similar girth of around 2-3 inches when fully grown at the largest section. They can usually be kept comfortably in wooden enclosure around 4x2x2ft in length however very large females might appreciate a little more space.

Royal pythons are a great choice of pet for people who might not have much time for upkeep or haven't got much space for an enclosure in their home. They inhabit a relatively small space and will only need feeding once every week or fortnight depending on the size of the python. They don't make much mess so can be cleaned out once every 4-6 weeks.

It's easy to provide the perfect environment at home for a royal python. Northampton Reptile Centre have everything you will need and have expert staff who can help you every step of the way. Contact us for more information.