Psittacus Vitamin-Mineral Supplement 700g

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Psittacus Vitamin-Mineral Supplement 700g

Product Code: 4FPS002

Psittacus Vitamin-Mineral Supplement 700g

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Psittacus Vitamin-Mineral Supplement 700g

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This is a supplement for granivorous birds of the Psittacine family.This product is intended to correct vitamin, mineral and trace elements de-ficiencies of seed mixtures. This is a powder product designed to be incorporated to the moist mixture of sprouts, boiled seeds, fruits and vegetables.

Daily dose should be 4 % of the dry weight of seeds offered.

It is necessary that the supplement adheres to food. Before or during the mixing process, it should be sprinkled on the moist in-gredients of the diet (sprouts, boiled seeds, fruit and vegetables) or on the whole diet if it contains moist ingredients.

The moist mixture enriched with this product should not be avai-lable to the birds for more than 8 hours (or even less in higher ambient temperatures). Bacterial and fungal growths that will unavoidably take place, could put the health of the birds at risk.

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 17.0 %, Crude oils and fats 7.7 %.