T5 UVB Bundles

A range of tube, reflector and controller bundles

The best way to introduce essential UVB into your terrarium

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T5 Lighting Bundles

A package including a T5 bulb, reflector and controller. The benefits of the bundle are value and the knowledge that you have definitely got the correct size/wattage of all 3 components.

T5 UV light tubes are one of the most effective ways to introduce UVA and UVB to a reptile enclosure. UV is essential in reptile care for nearly all diurnal species. Much in the same way humans can get rickets from being inside too much reptiles can also gain deficiencies. When reptiles are lacking in vitamin D they cannot synthesis the calcium in their diet. Their bones weaken and they develop what is known as metabolic bone disease.

UV stimulates the production of vitamin D in reptiles ensuring they can make full use of the calcium in their diet and they do not develop this disease. T5 UV tubes disperse UVB with a range of up to 24 inches and will disperse this essential UV for 9-12 months before needing to be replaced.