Wooden Vivariums for Reptiles

High quality wooden vivariums to successfully house your reptiles

Contemporary board finishes suit all styles of home decor

15mm FSC wooden boards to efficiently retain heat inside

Easy to assemble flat-packed furniture for reptiles

Fast delivery available using a next day courier service


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Vivexotic Viva+ Terrestrial Vivariums

Our range of vivexotic viva+ terrestrial vivariums. Wooden vivariums are a great way to home terrestrial lizards and snakes as they allow better control of temperature and humidity.

Vivexotic Viva+ Arboreal Vivariums

Our range of vivexotic viva+ arboreal vivariums. These taller wooden vivariums are a great way to house arboreal species of lizard and snakes as they allow better control of temperature and humidity.

Vivexotic Repti-home Vivariums

A range of budget vivariums designed to home your pets whilst keeping costs down. These vivariums come in sizes ranging from 2-4ft and up to 2ft tall.

Vivarium and Cabinet Bundles

A vivexotic vivarium and cabinet bundle that perfectly matches and fixes together. The bundle leaves you with a home for your pet and the storage space for its items in one tidy package.

Vivexotic Cabinets

A range of cabinets designed for use with vivexotic vivariums. These cabinets fix to the bottom of a vivexotic vivarium and leave you with a complete home and storage unit.

Vivarium Banks and Stacks

A range of stackable vivariums and bank systems to allow you to home multiple pets in one unit. The stacks come with 3 or 4 vivariums each of which is separate but stack on top of eachother with the appropriate number of feet

Vivexotic Vivarium Accessories

Essential accessories for the vivexotic vivariums

Lucky Reptile Vivariums

A range of lucky reptile wooden vivariums ranging from 2.5 to 4ft wide and from 1.5 to 3ft tall. These are a great way to house your reptiles and snakes as they give great control over temperature and humidity.


Terraniums are designed with the best interests of owner and pet in mind with its great features and glass panelled sides and lid, to provide you with panoramic views.