Airplant - Tillandsia ionantha 'Rubra' - Medium

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Airplant - Tillandsia ionantha 'Rubra' - Medium

Product Code: PPA010

Airplant - Tillandsia ionantha 'Rubra' - Medium

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Airplant - Tillandsia ionantha 'Rubra' - MediumAirplant - Tillandsia ionantha 'Rubra' - Medium

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Air plant supplied in mesh pocket with header card. Airplants need to be kept at a temperature of above 8 degrees Centigrade, in a draft free environment.

They can be dunked into rain water once a week, and then shaken gently to remove residual water and fed with a propritary air plant fertilizer. they proivide long lasting natural decor for vivariums and terrariums and can be attached to vines, stones, trunks, in fact almost anything for a naturalistic finish.

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