how to prepare for reptile eggs

How to Prepare for Reptile Eggs

Egg-laying season is always a fun and busy time, and providing our animals with what they need to breed successfully is both important and easy. Here are a few of the things we do when we are breeding our animals here at Northampton Reptile Centre. Providing a Lay Box Snakes For the majority of snakes, […]

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Reptile Holiday Boarding

Reptile Holiday Boarding at Northampton Reptile Centre

Northampton Reptile Centre is dedicated to the welfare of Reptiles and Amphibians kept in captivity and has many years of experience in this field. We have a range of enclosures suitable for various species including snakes, lizards, tortoises, Amphibians, and inverts to be cared for whilst you are away. Our purpose-built, air-conditioned holiday room has […]

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which ferguson zone

Which Ferguson Zone is My Reptile In?

We know that recreating the ultraviolet part of sunlight is very important to reptile health and well-being. How do we measure it, with what, and how much do we need for our animals? We need a device that measures the UV range we are looking for and the Solarmeter 6.5 does just that, measuring from 280-400nm. This […]

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electronic t8 ballast

Why You Should Upgrade to an Electronic T8 Ballast

Since their introduction in the late 1930s, fluorescent lamps have changed very little in overall appearance and the way we make them work. The familiar light units that we are all used to seeing with the separate choke unit entered the lighting industry in 1939. Its job is to preheat the lamp and supply a […]

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which ferguson zone are mediterranean

Which Ferguson Zone are Mediterranean Tortoises?

Mediterranean Tortoises are Ferguson Zone 3 The Mediterranean tortoises from the genus Testudo are found in North Africa, western Asia, and Europe. These tortoises thermoregulate as open sun baskers exposing themselves to a UV Index of 2.9 – 7.4 during the day. If required, they will seek out shade. Mediterranean Tortoise Species Russian tortoise or Horsfield’s […]

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