Reptile Holiday Boarding at Northampton Reptile Centre

by Luke Tansley on in Shop News

Northampton Reptile Centre is dedicated to the welfare of Reptiles and Amphibians kept in captivity and has many years of experience in this field.

We have a range of enclosures suitable for various species including snakes, lizards, tortoises, Amphibians, and inverts to be cared for whilst you are away. Our purpose-built, air-conditioned holiday room has all the vivariums and terrariums ready set up and is private from the general public.

Your pet’s diet, vitamin supplements, and any special requirements will be discussed fully at the time of booking.

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Here’s What Your Pet Gets

  Expert holiday care for exotic pets
  Good quality vivariums & terrariums
  Heating tailored to your pet’s needs
  Species-specific, top brand UVB Lighting
  Daily health checks by experienced reptile keepers
  Detailed husbandry & hygiene procedures
  Custom food & nutrition plan
  Love & care – your pet is in safe hands

Tel: 01604 753823

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