New Product : Exo Terra Dragon Grub for Bearded Dragons

ExoTerra is a very well known company in the reptile trade and the manufacturer of some of our favourite terrariums and terrarium decor. They have previously produced very popular dried food diets and supplements for geckos and have now come to market with their bearded dragon diet. The bearded dragon grub diet is a protein-rich dry food specifically designed for insect-eating lizards like bearded dragons, skinks or leopard geckos. It consists mainly of highly digestible black soldier fly larvae fortified with balanced calcium and phosphorous. Black soldier fly larvae are also known in the UK as Calci-worms and are a brilliant addition to any insect-eating reptiles diet.

As always we recommend this product as part of a varied diet. Dry foods have much better longevity than live insect diets but they can be quite dehydrating so it is best to serve them alongside a moisture-rich salad (if the species is omnivorous). As always we recommend live locust or brown crickets as the main source of protein wherever possible, this diet should be supplemented with various larvae, beetles, cockroaches, mealworms or dry diets such as the ExoTerra bearded dragon grub.

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To see how we recommend keeping and feeding bearded dragons check out our care sheet.

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