How to Make Repashy Crested Gecko Diet

by Luke Tansley on in Geckos Products

Crested geckos are a very popular pet lizard in the UK. They hail from New Caledonia and are best known for their vibrant colours ease of care and ease of handling. The hardest part of keeping a crested gecko is their diet as in the wild they get a varied mix of vegetation, fruits and insects which can be difficult to replicate with fresh foods in the UK. Luckily, there are a number of companies that have formulated dry diets that can be mixed into a paste and fed to your gecko. At the Northampton Reptile Centre we normally use Repashy’s classic crested gecko diet but we also use the Repashy crested gecko grubs ‘n’ fruit for variation. We feed our geckos live crickets or locust every day (dusted with vitamins and calcium) and repashy every other day.

As with most dry diets, Repashy foods arrive as a fine powder in a resealable jar. Repashy have been in the industry for a long time and as such, they have received a tonne of feedback and over the years. This has all distilled down to excellent products and a brilliant set of instructions. Each diet is unique and the ratio of powder to water can vary.  In the case of the classic diet, we are looking for a 1:2 ratio of powder. I used lukewarm water to get the powder to dissolve as quickly as possible and speed up the process. We are looking for a consistency similar to tomato sauce. In this case (25ml of powder:50ml of water) it took 4-5 minutes. As you can see it was deemed acceptable by our resident geckos:

Repashy do a wide range of dried diets for reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and fish. If you would like a recommendation or have any questions about the product range please contact us on or call us on 01604753823.

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