More Bearded Dragon Eggs!

by Gary Rolfe on in Bearded Dragons Lizards

We love breeding our own reptiles and we always try to encourage our customers to do the same. We were delighted this morning when two young men, Lewis and Alex, came through the door with an interesting looking box wrapped in a tea towel. Accompanied by Dad Mike the boys revealed the box containing what they thought were 15 Bearded Dragon Eggs.

In fact, after some excavation we found a total of 27 eggs in the nesting box! The eggs have now been transferred to our nearly full incubator where they will be for the next couple of months before hatching. This is the female’s first clutch which can sometimes not be 100% perfect but we are confident there will be more babies running around our vivs in 6-8 weeks.


About Gary Rolfe

Gary has worked with fish and reptiles for over 20 years and currently works as the head of ecommerce for Northampton Reptile Centre.