Pacman Frogs – An amphibian with attitude

by Gary Rolfe on in Amphibians

If you’re from the UK, like me, you’ll be very familiar with the gentile pond frogs (Rana temporaria) we get over here. They kinda sit there, you put one in your hand… they kinda still sit there. Occasionally you’ll find one of the randy little fellows humping your goldfish, but in all honesty (and as much as I love them), that’s about as entertaining as they get.

The south american Pacman Frog (Ceratophrys spp.) is a totally different beast. Have a look at the 2 videos below of what happens when they get grumpy!


As you can see, they have got quite a temper! To be fair, these guys were being provoked (not by us, not our videos), I would never suggest that it’s good to antagonize your pets but it’s worth seeing why you should keep your fingers away from the mouth of a Pagman Frog!

Keeping at home

Despite their ferocious nature, Pacman Frogs actually make very good pets. They require a basic frog setup to meet their needs, and even though adults can reach over 6″ they will happily live in a 24″ tank. Youngsters can be kept in 12″ tanks.

Pacman Frog Temperature

Keep your Pacman in the high seventies (75oF – 80oF). This is easily achieved by attaching a heat mat to one of the sides of the glass enclosure. Your house may already be warm enough that you do not require any heating, but always check again once winter comes around.

Pacman Frog Diet

Pacman Frogs eat anything. Literally anything. If it moves past their mouth, they will try to eat it, including fingers. We feed our Pacman Frogs live insects every day, offering a mix of brown crickets, mealworms (see video below), waxworms and even the occasional locust. As these guys are true carnivores we will also offer them a pinky mouse from time to time (frozen and defrosted, NEVER live), maybe once a fortnight.

Pacman Frog Decor

We give our Pacman Frogs a two-layer substrate. An inch of humus fibre, topped with an inch of sphagnum moss. It’s important not to let this substrate dry out, we spray our frog enclosures every morning. A large water bowl set into the substrate will also give your Pacman Frog a pool to bath in. You may add additional hides or artificial plants if you wish, but most Pacman Frogs will just bury themselves in the substrate.


Any Questions?

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