Receiving Livefood Deliveries During Cold Weather

by Luke Tansley on in Guides

During cold weather, we make every effort to ensure that your livefood arrives as warm as possible. To do this we use different packing methods depending on the severity of the predicted weather. This may include the use of heat packs, insulation inside the outer cartons or automatic upgrade of delivery service.

However, despite all our efforts, your livefood will often arrive looking as if it is dead (even though it’s not!). In order to bring your livefood ‘back to life’, it is essential that you carefully follow the instructions below.

Upon receipt of your livefoods you should: 

  1. Unpack the outer boxes immediately
  2. Carefully lay out all pre-packs so that air can circulate around them
  3. Place the pre-packs in a warm dry room (15oC-25oC)
  4. Do not under any circumstances apply external heat to cold livefoods. For example do not put them on heat pads/strips, in warm vivaria, shine lights on them, etc. This is very important as trying to warm livefoods up too quickly will kill them.
  5. For bulk quantities in bags hold the bag horizontally and gently “shuffle” the bag to spread the cold insects out. Then leave horizontally to recover slowly in a warm room.
  6. Full recovery may take up to 4 hours so please allow your insects plenty of time.

 Most livefood will recover fully providing they are treated correctly upon arrival. Should you have any problems or questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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