Surprise Corn Snake Eggs!

by Gary Rolfe on in Snakes

We’re known for breeding a lot of animals in store. We prepare everything in advance to ensure things go a smoothly as possible. Nesting boxes are made, incubation boxes are prepared and the huge incubator is always ready for eggs. No matter how much you plan ahead it’s important to remember that living animals don’t always follow your plan and will aometimes catch you out! This happened yesterday during a routine clean of one of the vivs containing an adult corn snake. Lifting a piece of cork bark exposed a healthy clump of full white eggs.

Both parents are Anerythristic Corn Snakes so the babies will all be the same (assuming both parents do not carry recessive genes). We will update you when they hatch!

This kind of surprise must of happened to other reptile keepers so please post comments below!

About Gary Rolfe

Gary has worked with fish and reptiles for over 20 years and currently works as the head of ecommerce for Northampton Reptile Centre.