Why are locusts a great reptile livefood?

by Luke Tansley on in Products

For many pet owners and hobbyists locust are the number one choice for their reptiles. Being colorful and highly active locust make an enticing meal for may reptiles and amphibians. As they are widely available and relatively inexpensive they are a great basis for a live food diet. Here at the Northampton Reptile Centre they are one of our best sellers!

Locust often clash head to head with silent brown crickets for the best staple live food as they are both nutritious, non aggressive and have a good longevity. Where locust really perform is in arousing interest in your pet. With their vibrant colour from white to yellow and generally hyperactive nature these insects are great for tempting lazy reptiles from their basking spots. They are also extremely easy to keep, with a small water source, some basic food and a plastic container at room temperature you can keep these insects active and healthy for a number of weeks.

When dusted with calcium locust contain all of the nutrients and protein necessary in a staple live food and presented alone will be enough to sustain many species of reptile, amphibian and invertebrate. Here at the Northampton Reptile Centre we feed them to our turtles, chameleons, bearded dragons, basilisks , tarantulas, spiny tailed monitors and many more. They are a firm favorite of our shop chameleons Percy (the panther chameleon) and Dougie (the veiled chameleon) who you can see feeding in the video above.

We are sure that your pet will love them as much as the animals in our shop. So why not try some today?

About Luke Tansley

Luke works within the customer service department at reptilecentre.com. At home he keeps hognose snakes, bearded dragons and kingsnakes.