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    Essential calcium supplements for many reptiles. We include a variety of brands and types of supplement to ensure there is one available for every species.

    Cleaners and Disinfectants

    A range of pet friendly cleaners and disinfectants essential in enclosure maintenance. We have a wide variety of brands and types of cleaner to ensure there is one suitable for you.

    Insect Foods

    A selection of complete insect diets and alternative sources of hydration designed to keep your livefood healthy and nutritious. We have a range of gut loading diets, supplements and gel based products.


    A small range of medications, cleaners and home solutions for the welfare of your pet. We have included probiotics for sick animals, mite killers for infestations and a selection of wound healers and aids.

    Multivitamins and Supplements

    A range of supplements and vitamins designed to ensure your pet gets all of it's dietary requirements. With a range brands and delivery methods there is a suitable product for any situation.

    Water Treatment

    A small range of water treatments designed to purify water used in reptile, amphibian or snake enclosures.