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T5 UVB Starter Units

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    T5 UV Starter Units

    A range of UV starter units for use with T5 bulbs. The connectors on these units are a standard T5 fitting meaning they are compatible with all T5 fluorescent tubes. There are a variety of wattages available to ensure we have the optimal controller for use with your T5 tube.

    When choosing your T5 unit you need to think about the wattage of the bulbs you are going to use. A controller with too lower wattage will not provide enough energy for the tube to work effectively while a controller with too higher wattage may blow the bulb or burn it out quicker than expected.

    We have also included a range using standard fittings for dry enclosures and a range using waterproof seals for use in enclosures that have high humidity or need to be sprayed.