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Artificial Plants

Artificial plants can be used to create a natural looking hide for your pet and set a naturalistic scene for your enclosure. These artificial plants will last a long time and take less maintenance than live plants.


Backgrounds are a great way to set the scene of your enclosure or start a theme. With a wide range of settings and sizes there is a suitable background for every style.

Floating Island Refuges

These floating island refuges are a great way to create a raised hide your aquatic pets. These floating refuges can also be used to create a basking spot for your reptiles and amphibians.

Food Dishes and Water Bowls

Food dishes and water bowls of all shapes, sizes and colours to meet the needs of your pet. These are a must have item for a range of amphibians and reptiles enclosures.

Moss Boxes

Moss boxes create a great source of humidity and moisture. A moss box will aid in shedding whilst keeping the humidity of the vivarium down and creating a cool place to hide.

Natural Wood

Natural woods are a great way to create strong structures within the enclosure. They also add to a natural setting whilst providing a good frame for climbing or basking species. There are many shapes and sizes available to fit any enclosure.

Reptile Hides

Reptile hides are an essential item in snake enclosures and when caring for nocturnal or skittish species. As well as reducing stress for the animal they can also create a cooler spot for your pet to rest.

Vines and Branches

Vines and Branches are great for creating a naturalistic enclosure and can be used to create vertical structures within the enclosure. These products are essential for creating elevated walkways for chameleons and other arboreal species.

Vivarium Ornaments

Vivarium ornaments are a great way to incorporate a theme. As well as creating hides for your pet these ornaments can also be used to create either a more natural enclosure or a themed enclosure.