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Lucky Reptile Terra Fan - Extension Fan

Extension fans for the Terra Fan set. Up to 4 fans can be run from a single transformer.

This product is covered by our Safe Delivery Guarantee

  • Extension for fan set
  • Maximum of 4 fans per unit
  • Temperature controlled fans
  • One blows fresh air whilst another sucks old air
  • Ensures optimal ventilation
RRP £11.29
£9.59 inc VAT
RRP €12.92
€10.98 inc VAT
RRP $15.98
$13.57 inc VAT
RRP $20.69
$17.58 inc VAT
RRP DKK96.27
DKK81.77 inc VAT
RRP NOK123.76
NOK105.13 inc VAT
RRP SEK131.77
SEK111.93 inc VAT
RRP $20.56
$17.47 inc VAT
Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Set

This low voltage mini fan system has temperature controlled fans; depending on the temperature the fan speed will decrease or increase to allow for optimal conditions inside the terrarium. The base set consists of a transformer and two fans in order that one fan can be used to blow fresh air into the terrarium while the other pulls out the old air. This way an optimal circulation is ensured. The fans are excellent for animals that need high air circulation like chameleons.

One transformer can be used with up to 4 fans. Extension fans are available separately.

This product is covered by our Safe Delivery Guarantee

  • Mini fan system
  • Temperature controlled fans
  • Includes 2 fans
  • Can be extended to 4 fans
  • Ensures optimal ventilation
RRP £46.69
£39.69 inc VAT
RRP €53.45
€45.44 inc VAT
RRP $66.07
$56.16 inc VAT
RRP $85.57
$72.74 inc VAT
RRP DKK398.13
DKK338.44 inc VAT
RRP NOK511.83
NOK435.09 inc VAT
RRP SEK544.94
SEK463.24 inc VAT
RRP $85.04
$72.29 inc VAT
Fans Ventilation

Fans and ventilation equipment can be used to ensure that a vivarium has a good supply of fresh air whilst also shifting humidity. Fans are great for use in enclosures that need to be moist but have humidity or ventilation issues. A ventilation system is a great way to introduce more fresh air while keeping humidity up and condensation down and is particularly in jungle lizard, chameleon and amphibian enclosures.

We have ensure to include a base kit with optional extensions allowing for use in any sized enclosure. The Lucky Reptile Terra Fan system can run up to 4 fans around the enclosure on just one transformer.