FishScience Pond Flakes 100g

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FishScience Pond Flakes 100g

Product Code: 1FFP603

FishScience Pond Flakes 100g

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FishScience Pond Flakes 100g

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Naturally enhances the colour of your goldfish using Spirulina and Chlorella algae, paprika and carrot. Specially formulated to promote health, easy digestion and long life. Contains natural health boosters including Beta Glucans, garlic and Omega 3 oils. Ideal complimentary food for frog and toad tadpoles

Feed 2 ? 3 times per day on as much as your fish will consume in a 5 minutes. Avoid overfeeding as any uneaten food will decompose and pollute the water, encouraging algae growth. Feed throughout the year when water temperatures are above 10oC

  • Size: 100g