Frozen Gerbils

Frozen gerbils for feeding reptiles and amphibians

A wide range of sizes available

Fast delivery available using a next working day courier

Excellent quality frozen foods

Guranteed to arrive frozen

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Frozen Gerbil 26g+
Frozen Gerbil 26g+

The UK's number one reptile foods delivered to your door.

Because we're one of the largest breeders of reptiles in the UK we understand that only the freshest frozen foods should be used on your pets. We have tested every supplier of frozen foods and we haven't found better, fresher gerbils than the ones we use now.

We recommend gerbils for the following animal types:

  • Medium Sized Snakes
  • Birds of Prey

This product is covered by our Frozen Arrival Guarantee

  • Dispatched Monday to Thursday
  • Before noon delivery service
  • Packed in dry ice to keep food frozen
  • Frozen delivery guarantee
  • High quality frozen gerbil
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Frozen Gerbils

Our gerbils are farm bred in ethical conditions and slaughtered humanely. The gerbils are quickly frozen shortly after death and packed shortly before dispatch to ensure they remain as frozen as possible. We are certain you will love our gerbils due to their great nutritional properties, how healthy they are and the speed of our delivery service.