Food for Reptiles

Live Food

High in protein, essential vitamins and minerals, live food is the most natural way to feed your insectivorous pets. They make for the tastiest and most enjoyable diet and provide a key source of moisture for desert animals. All livefood comes with a live arrival gurantee.

Frozen Food

Farmed to the highest standards and frozen fresh. All packs are insulated with dry ice and delivered frozen with our speedy delivery service. Our frozen food is guaranteed to arrive frozen.

Prepared Food

Depending upon the species of reptile you keep, there may be a prepared reptile diet available for them. These commercially prepared foods are nutritionally balanced, but as a rule should not be a permanent replacement for fresh ingredients.

Edible Live Plants

Fresh plants are a great food stuff in the diet of many herbivorous and omnivorous reptiles such as tortoises and bearded dragons. It can be very satisfying and cost effective to grow your own vegetation at home.