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Hermann's Tortoise

About the Hermann's Tortoise

Hermann' tortoises are one of the most commonly kept pet tortoises in the UK for good reason. Hermann's remain a very manageable size compared to some of their relatives making them a great choice for people who don't have much space or want a smaller pet. In addition Hermann's usually have a great temperament making them a brilliant choice for people looking for their first pet reptile. Finally as Hermann's tortoises can only be traded with paperwork to guarantee they are large enough, traced and in good health the purchasing of this species is usually very safe.

As the Hermann's tortoise is from the Mediterannean they are accustomed to a warm environment with a good amount of UV exposure. At night time they often experience a temperature drop and at certain times of the year they would be expected to hibernate. This makes heating and lighitng for the Hermann's tortoise very simple as you usually only need to consider the basking areas during the day.

The Hermann's tortoise diet is herbivorous which means that they eat mostly vegetation. Every now and again they might have some weeds or herbs added to the usual salad but this mostly just serves as roughage. A Hermann's list of treats would include squash, flowers and some herbs.

It's easy to provide the perfect environment at home for a Hermanns' tortoise. Northampton Reptile Centre have everything you will need and have expert staff who can help you every step of the way. Contact us for more information.