About Lizards

Lizards are a type of reptile that typically has a long body, tail, four legs, eyelids and a rough scaly or spiny skin. This group includes some of the most popular pet reptiles in the UK such as the bearded dragon, crested gecko and leopard gecko.

Lizards inhabit a large number of countries and have adapted to suit a wide variety of environments. As a result there can be drastic differences between one group of lizards and the next. For example dragons are generally quite hardy with functional claws whilst geckos for the most part have much softer skin.Some lizards will be naturally compliant while others will sprint around and climb to escape any attention. They can be found in a multitude of colours and each species of lizard requires a slightly different environment.

Depending on the lizards natural diet they can be found eating flowers, vegetables, fruit, insects, fish or meat. They can range in size from under an inch in length all the way up to 2.5m in length

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