About Uromastyx

Uromastyx are the a very popular pet lizard though they can be a little difficult to find captive bred within the UK. As they are extremely difficult to sex until they are fully mature they are not often kept as pairs and are rarely bred by amateur reptile keepers at home. There are many different species of Uromastyx and they can range from less than 12 inches in length up to 36 inches in length depending on which species you choose. They are mostly herbivorous and eat fresh vegetables and seeds as the main diet. Some species may appreciate some livefood as an occasional treat.

As they come from a very hot climate most species are going to want an intense basking temperature. Depending on species this would normally range from 110-130f. Even though many species are quite small and could live happily in a 3ft wooden vivarium we would recommend using a 4ft enclosure if possible. The additional width will help ensure that you get a sharp temperature gradient from one side to the other.

The Uromastyx is a clever and long lived little lizard, once they are used to you they can be a very interactive and rewarding pet. While young they do tend to be a bit shy and their natural instinct is to trap themselves in a crack and hide. To avoid this you could provide moveable hides so that you can still get to the pet or you could provide a small hiding space to allow the Uro to hide while young. Once it's outgrown this space it won't be able to hide any more and you can begin getting it used to being handled.

It's easy to provide the perfect environment at home for a Uromastyx. Northampton Reptile Centre have everything you will need and have expert staff who can help you every step of the way. Contact us for more information.