Pilea pinokkio - Small

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Pilea pinokkio - Small

Product Code: PPL244

Pilea pinokkio - Small

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Pilea pinokkio - SmallPilea pinokkio - Small

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live plants

Phrases like 'Terrascaping', 'Bio-Active' and 'Living Terrariums' are becoming more and more common in the world of reptile and amphibian care, as keepers become more aware of the benefits of creating a living ecosystem for their pets.

Apart from the aesthetic appeal of a planted terrarium there are some very real, tangible benefits for the animals. Living plants provide natural cover and climbing perches, shade, basking sites and maintain natural humidity. Just as live plants in an office can improve workers well-being, live plants in a terrarium will have the same effect for animals.

But not all plants are suitable for terrarium use and it is important to not only choose the correct plants for the environment but also to select species or varieties that do not grow too large. Many houseplants for sale appear suitable when they are small specimens in a garden centre, but given time they may end up as giants that overwhelm a terrarium.

ProRep are delighted to introduce a comprehensive range of live plants. These are not just small houseplants but are a selected range of species that are ideally suited to the terrarium, including some of the more unusual or rare types. They have carefully selected the range so that there are plants to suit all habitats and growth patterns. There are succulents for arid environments, bromeliads, ground cover plants and epiphytes for jungle setups as well as aquatic plants and mosses.

Whatever the environment you're trying to re-create, you will be able to use live plants to suit.

Piliea Sp.

Money Plants are ideal for ground cover in the moist, forest terrarium. They grow as low creepers that spread over the soil, rooting as they go. They love shady conditions, high humidity and a constantly, evenly moist soil, exactly what is found in the terrarium! please note that these are mixed varieties and so vary from the picture shown.

  • Size: Natural products will vary in size