Serinus Wild Birds Hand Feeding, 1kg

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Serinus Wild Birds Hand Feeding, 1kg

Product Code: 4FSH010

Serinus Wild Birds Hand Feeding, 1kg

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Serinus Wild Birds Hand Feeding, 1kg

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It is designed to manually raise chicks of species belonging to the finches family (goldfinches, greenfinches, linnets, finches...).

It simplifies the manual rearing process and ensures excellent chick growth.

Serinus porridges are complete foods. The birds obtain all the necessary nutrients to be able to develop with optimal health, excellent vigor and excellent plumage quality.

To prepare the porridge, mix the product with warm water at a concentration of 20-25% (texture similar to a beaten yogurt). It is important to discard the excess porridge after each feeding, it should not be reused in the following meals.

The adequate amount of porridge to supply each chick depends on the capacity of its crop and its demand behavior. Feed small amounts of porridge repeatedly until the pigeons are satiated and stop asking.

During the first days of life, we recommend feeding the Passerine Crop Milk .

Store in a cool, dry place (it is possible to freeze the hermetically packed product, but it is not recommended to keep it in the fridge once opened).

  • Size: 1kg