Snails Medium - 8 Pack

This product is covered by our Livefood Freshness Guarantee

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Snails Medium - 8 Pack

Product Code: A346

Snails Medium - 8 Pack

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Snails Medium - 8 Pack

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Snails as Reptile Food

Snails are an important food source for many larger species of reptile and amphibian. They are high in protein making them an excellent choice for carnivorous and omnivorous species. Their shells are rich in calcium which aids bone growth and development

We recommend snails for the following animal types:

  • Turtles
  • Water dragons
  • Bearded dragons
  • Blue-tongued skinks
  • Frilled dragons

Like all livefood at Northampton Reptile Centre, our snails are covered by our Livefood Freshness Guarantee.

To keep your snails as nutritious and fresh as possible we would recommend you continue to feed them on a nutritious vegetable and fruit diet befoe using.