Artificial Plants

Natural looking artificial plants for reptiles

Create a fantastic looking habitat to make your reptile feel at home

Great for catching water in the morning spray

Adds colour and character to your enclosure

Fast delivery available using a next day courier service

Our Customers' Favourites

Aquatic Plants

Artificial plants designed to float or sit in an aquarium providing cover for your aquatic pets. These are a great way to incorperate some foliage to an enclosure without having to worry about the plants effect on the animal and vice versa.

Desert Plants

Artificial plants designed to add character and cover to the vivarium. Aswell as helping create a theme these plants will provide semi-covered hiding places for skitish reptiles.

Trailing Plants

Trailing plants are great for lining the walls or floors of your vivarium. With a range of styles and leaf types there is a trailing plant for every enclosure.

Upright plants

A range of free standing plants that can add verticality to an enclosure. As well as providing taller structures to climb these plants also for brilliant hiding places for skittish reptiles and amphibians.