Is This the Best Reptile Basking Spot Bulb in the World?

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Reptile basking spot bulbs have been adapted, over time, from what was originally designed as an incandescent household lamp for illumination. The heat produced being is a by-product from the vast heat of the filament producing bright white light.

Reptile Systems wanted to create a lamp that not only produces a visually pleasing light but gives off heat in a nice uniform spot, lasts a long time and provides excellent value for money.

Reptile Systems produce the high-quality, reliable Basking Solar Spot that will encourage natural thermoregulation for sun-loving reptiles. Bright, visible light is very important for many reptiles as it stimulates activity, especially in desert species – including the ever-popular bearded dragon (Pogona spp.). Dragons, and many other reptiles, possess a photosensory organ on the top of their skull, called the parietal eye, which is sensitive to changes in light. It is also responsible for hormone production, thermoregulation and establishing healthy circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms are essential to a healthy life as they regulate our sleeping and eating patterns. Without these our cell regeneration, and a host of other biological functions, would be disrupted.

Reptile Systems Basking Solar Spot provides some UVA to aid wellbeing and colour vision, this is very important to reptiles that see sunlight very differently from human eyes. These also provide infrared wavelengths to help simulate natural basking behaviour.

The Basking Solar Spot spot projects a nice, even flood of light and heat, unlike many other brands of spot lamps. Most popular basking spots, that are available, have dull or even dark areas which are void of both heat and light and should be avoided as they offer no benefit to your reptile.

Four models are available;

  • 60w Basking Spot
  • 75w Basking Spot
  • 100w Basking Spot
  • 150w Basking Spot

All Reptile Systems Basking Spots come with a standard E27 fitting. All these models have a very long working lifespan and, if used correctly, it is not uncommon for this to exceed three months, with many of our test lamps lasting in excess of a year. This represents unparalleled value for money and makes Reptile Systems an ideal choice for reptile keepers.

Always ensure that Reptile Systems Basking Solar Spot lamps are used in conjunction with a dimming thermostat and alongside species-appropriate Reptile Systems UVB lighting. Basking spots can be fitted into Reptile Systems black or silver clamp lamps of an appropriate size or the rotating ceramic lamp holder.

All Reptile Systems lamps are routinely batch tested in Reptile Systems’ large UK testing facility.

Frequently asked questions:

What lamp do I need?

There are several factors that can determine which wattage lamp will suit your animals needs best, including;

  • Enclosure size.
  • Décor.
  • Basking distance for the animal.
  • If the lamp is being reflected or mounted above a mesh screen.

So, we always recommend you go to an expert retailer and ask them for advice, alternatively, check out Reptile Systems’ FacebookYouTube and website for more information.

My Basking bulb is creating a buzzing or humming sound – what could it be?

This is due to the thermostat restricting the electricity flow to your lamp, dimming the lamp down. You ideally want the lamp running as close to 100% as you can, try replacing with a lower wattage bulb.

My bulb isn’t working – help!

Very occasionally we are contacted to say that a lamp will not work. There are a couple of equipment checks that’s should be done in this case;

  • Check the fuse in the E27 fitting/clamp lamp that you are using.
  • Check the connections on the E27 fitting/clamp to ensure they haven’t been pushed down, stopping the lamp from making a proper connection.

How can I make my bulbs last longer?

We occasionally hear from people who have problems with basking spots blowing. Here are some simple measures you can take to prolong the life of your lamp;

  • Use surge protection to help prevent spikes and dips in electricity supply.
  • Do not spray your lamp, the thermal shock will cause a lamp to fail and the potential thermal shock could cause your lamp to explode.
  • Choose the correct wattage lamp. Ideally, you want the lamp running as close to 100% as possible to reduce stress on the components of the lamp.
  • Little maintenance is required with long-life basking spots, but we do recommend regularly cleaning the lamp with a microfiber cloth to remove any dust from the surface of the lamp (making sure it has cooled first).


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