Exotics Keeper Magazine #26 December 2022

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Exotics Keeper Magazine #26 December 2022

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    Are King Cobras the most intelligent snakes? TV Herpetologist, Professor Mark O?Shea gives us his thoughts.

    Beetles are the largest family of animals on the planet, but which ones make the best pets? Martin French of BugzUK helps us decide.

    Tesoros de Colombia Sustainable Farm is leading the path in sustainably producing rare and endangered poison frogs for the pet trade. We caught up with Founder, Ivan Lozano to discuss this ground-breaking project and its implications for conserving some of the world?s rarest amphibians.

    Corydoradonae are very popular aquarium fish. Ian Fuller, Founder of Corydoras World and Author of Identifying Corydoradonae gives us scientific insight into the family.

    In this month?s ?Keeper Basics? we focus on arid bioactive setups with tips, tricks and product recommendations to give novices the best shot at building a successful setup.

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