FishScience Koi Food

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FishScience Koi Food

SKU: 1FFP676
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    A complete and nutritionally balanced diet for koi and all pond fish. Recreates the natural, insect based diet that koi would eat naturally. Short sticks which are easily consumed by all koi over 8cm in length. Naturally enhances the colour of your koi using Spirulina algae, shrimp, krill, grass meal, pea and carrot. Contains natural ingredients to support your koi?s immune system including garlic, Beta Glucans and omega 3 oils.

    Feeding instructions: Feed 1 ? 2 times per day on as much as your fish will eat in 5 minutes. Avoid overfeeding as any uneaten food will decompose and pollute the water, encouraging algae growth.

    Composition: Wheat, Maize, Wheat Germ, Vegetables (Pea 10%, carrot 2.5%), Mycoprotein, Herring meal, Insect Meal, (7%), Yeast, Grass meal, Shrimp, Krill, Spirulina algae, Garlic, Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Tocoferols and Rosemary

    Analysis: Protein 32%, Oil 4.5%, Fibre 3.0%, Moisture 8%, Ash 5.2%.

    Additives: Vitamin A 25,000i.u., Vitamin C 420mg/kg, Vitamin D3 1,500i.u., Vitamin E 95mg/kg