African Spear 'Braided' (Sansevieria cylindrica) - 12cm Pot

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African Spear 'Braided' (Sansevieria cylindrica) - 12cm Pot

Product Code: PPL035

African Spear 'Braided' (Sansevieria cylindrica) - 12cm Pot

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African Spear 'Braided' (Sansevieria cylindrica) - 12cm PotAfrican Spear 'Braided' (Sansevieria cylindrica) - 12cm Pot

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A lovely, striking plant for the dry or scrub terrarium this interesting variety of the familiar "Mother in laws Tongue". Its flat leaves do not exceed 10cm in height and it looks create planted in groups, or in combination with snake plants (Sansivaria mikado). Tolerant of a wide variety of moisture and light conditions the only things this species really doesn't like is very low light and a wet soil. It will tolerate drying out as it stores water in its leaves and roots so its great for direct planting into a dry or scrub terrarium as the soil does not have to be kept damp.

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