7 Gorgeous Geckos That Make Great Pets

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Geckos are a wide and varied range of lizards commonly kept in the UK. As a group they are extremely adaptable and can be found in various forms all over the world, the most common being wall geckos. Generally, they enjoy warmth and most of the commonly kept geckos in the UK will want a basking area between 75-90f depending on the species. Here are 7 of our favourite geckos.

1. Leopard Geckos (Eublepharis macularius)

Leopard geckos are one of the most commonly kept ground-dwelling gecko in the entire reptile industry. They are a crepuscular species naturally found in burrows around dry areas of Pakistan. They normally stay within the burrow only coming out to bask briefly during the day. As the sun sets and the light dims they will emerge to warm up for the night and begin hunting. They are most active between dusk and dawn but in captivity, they are known to come out during the day. We love them for their personality, ease of care and gorgeous colouration.

2. Crested Geckos (Correlophus ciliatus)

Crested geckos are the most popular arboreal gecko we sell and for good reason. They remain quite small and don’t need too much additional heating so they can be included in gorgeous bio-active terrariums. They aren’t normally aggressive and tend to be very easy to keep and handle with a little experience. In terms of colouration, they are often found in shades of yellow, beige, red and orange.

3. Fat-Tailed Geckos (Hemitheconyx caudicinctus)

Fat tail geckos are a little rarer but very popular pet gecko. They are an interesting alternative for people considering a leopard gecko but looking for something a little less common. They are very similar in shape to leopard geckos but normally have slightly larger eyes, a slightly shorter snout and a larger tail. Their care is very similar to a leopard geckos but with this species, we like to provide a moss box or slightly humid all of the time. They are normally in shades of brown and are a little less active than leopard geckos but they make up for their lack of activity with intelligence and adorable features.

4. Gargoyle Geckos (Rhacodactylus auriculatus)

Gargoyle geckos are my personal favourite arboreal gecko and a great alternative for those considering crested geckos. They are very similar in care and temperament with both species hailing from New Caledonia but the gargoyle gecko tends to be a little less skittish and generally more tolerating of attention. Imagine a crested gecko, with a slightly stouter frame and pot bell… adorable! They are commonly found in shades of grey and brown but individuals have been bred to include bright yellows, oranges, reds and even pale pinks.

5. Frog Eyed Geckos (Teratoscincus scincus)

Frog eyed geckos are another terrestrial gecko but they are found closer to Asia than our previous examples so they will tolerate slightly lower temperatures and a bit more humidity than the fat tail or leopard gecko. They are a beautiful little lizard and gorgeous to look at but they are nowhere near as tough as leopard or fat tail geckos so they aren’t quite as easy to keep. We would recommend this species for people who have kept ground-dwelling geckos previously and are happy to have a pet that won’t be handled as much.

6. Giant Day Geckos (Phelsuma grandis)

Giant day geckos are an iconic species for their bright colours and great personality. They are normally bright green with shades of blue and yellow throughout. They have bright orange or red markings on the face and along the spine and normally have a beige or white belly. They are quicker than the other arboreal geckos on our list but with patience and an experienced hand they can tame out very nicely and can be brilliant pets.

7. Tokay Geckos (Gekko gecko)

Tokay geckos are a fiery and fierce species from Asia with a reputation for making plenty of noise, darting from place to place and generally being a little mean. They are an amazing gecko with a blue/grey colouration and orange / brown spots on the back. Due to the difficulty in taming them out, we don’t recommend them as a first pet reptile but as with many species they can tame out nicely over time and with a patient experienced keeper they can be an extremely rewarding pet.

If you have any questions regarding the geckos on this list, their care or housing please contact us at sales@reptilecentre.com or by phone on 01604753823.


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