Creeping Fig 'Variegated' (Ficus pumila) - 9cm

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Creeping Fig 'Variegated' (Ficus pumila) - 9cm

Product Code: PPL217

Creeping Fig 'Variegated' (Ficus pumila) - 9cm

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Creeping Fig 'Variegated' (Ficus pumila) - 9cmCreeping Fig 'Variegated' (Ficus pumila) - 9cm

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Creeping Fig is the classic terrarium plant. It grown as a vigorous creeper with small attachment roots on the stems allowing it to fix to rocks and wood. If planted high up in the terrarium then it will trail down and can be used to form cascades of foliage. It prefers a moist soil and high humidity with good light. It will tolerate low light but this tends to make it grow very straggly and produce small leaves.

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