Vivexotic Viva+ Terrestrial

A selection of high quality terrestrial vivariums

A wide range of sizes available in wood-effect colours

15mm FSC wooden boards to efficiently retain heat inside

Easy to assemble flat-packed furniture for reptiles

Fast delivery available using a next day courier service

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Vivexotic Terrestrial Vivariums

Our range of vivexotic viva+ terrestrial vivariumsWooden vivariums are a great way to home terrestrial lizards and snakes as they allow better control of temperature and humidity.

The Viva range from Vivexotic combines beautiful styling with superb practicality. With unique features, multiple sizes and stylish contemporary finishes, we're sure you'll find the perfect reptile home. Take a look at some of Viva's great new features.

Redesigned, effective ventilation has been built in to the stylish aluminium door rails. These sleek rails are perforated along their length, allowing cool air to enter at the base and warm air to exit through the top, creating superb air flow and preventing overheating. This means no rear vents are needed for terrestrial vivariums, allowing solid backgrounds to be used.

Efficient Front-Flow ventilation means: Better animal health and wellbeing. Less chance of overheating. Vents are less likely to be obstructed.

Improved Security
All Viva glass sliding doors are pre-drilled and come with a plastic 'Slidestopper' door plug to prevent escapes. The slidestopper also acts as a handle for easy opening and closing of the tank, and the improved design to an 'easy clip' system has made the process even easier.

New Colour Finishes
Vivexotic's colour palette has been updated, with 3 new woodgrain finishes featuring outstanding depth and realism. Beech, Oak and Walnut finishes are available to blend in beautifully with your furniture and make your vivarium a stunning focal point.