Insect catching

insect traps for catching stray insects

Great for managing loose insects

Easy to set up and very effective

Great for reptiles and amphibian keepers

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Lucky Reptile BugStop Cricket trap (6-pack)

The Bug Stop is a trap for crickets, cockroaches and several other insects. It has a glue surface which has a bait included that attracts the insects which then stick to the glue. The trap should be placed in the proximity of areas known to be inhabited by the insects as well as strategical areas like the kitchen.

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  • Simple traps for rogue insects
  • Attracts insects and sticks them in place
  • Can be placed on any flat surface
  • Easy to set up
  • 6 traps included
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Insect Catching

A small range of insect catching devices for catching those few pesky bugs that escape. These devices are small and discreet to and will trap live food as soon as they come into contact with them. This is the easy way to ensure that you do not have any livefood roaming around the house.