Lucky Reptile Pro Digital Timer II

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Lucky Reptile Pro Digital Timer II

Product Code: CLT265

Lucky Reptile Pro Digital Timer II

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Lucky Reptile Pro Digital Timer II

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As a digital timer with 8 program slots, operating times for lighting, heating technology or even humidification and dehumidification technology can be programmed to the second. There are numerous options for assigning these operating times to individual days, groups of days or the entire week. For example, heat lamps can be operated for different lengths of time over the course of the week in order to imitate temperature fluctuations as in nature.

This high degree of flexibility is surpassed again by using the interval function.

Instead of on and off times, which are limited in number, the Lucky Reptile PRO Timer II defines periods in which operating and break times are set completely flexibly.

The device to be controlled now runs automatically at intervals in the defined period, e.g. with an operating time of 10 seconds every 60 minutes. The number of possible circuits is therefore almost limitless.

This is particularly interesting for irrigation technology. Irrigation times can thus be designed not only extremely numerous but also very varied in the course of a day, as well as in the course of a week. E.g. frequent short rain showers in the morning, a dry phase at midday and a long shower in the evening on freely selectable days; the irrigation times on other days can be defined differently, or omitted completely. The Pro Timer II covers all the requirements of a timer and also offers great opportunities to make the terrarium climate more varied and more natural.

A replaceable battery ensures that the programmed switching times are reliably stored. The switching power of the Lucky Reptile PRO Timer II is 3500W. Shortest switching time: one second.

  • Size: 17x9x9cm