Small Black Crickets 4-5mm - 500 Pack

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Small Black Crickets 4-5mm - 500 Pack

Product Code: A113

Small Black Crickets 4-5mm - 500 Pack

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Small Black Crickets 4-5mm - 500 Pack

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Black Crickets as Reptile Food

Our black crickets are the main staple of many reptile and amphibian diets. They are very affordable, highly nutritious and quite easy to digest making them perfect for daily feeding. Our black crickets are dispatched direct from the breeder and will be gut loaded before packing to make sure that they are as nutritious as possible on arrival.

Small black crickets are the perfect size for hatchling reptiles, small amphibians, fish and many insectivorous invertebrates (e.g. mantis and tarantulas). In store we use the black crickets with all of our hatchling bearded dragons and geckos. They are particularly good for dart frogs and toads.

This product will be delivered in a plastic container including a section of egg-box cardboard. Small airholes perforate the side at regular intervals to provide maximum ventilation with minimal chance of escape. The eggbox inside inscreases surface area for the insects to stand on reducing the risk of trampling. During the summer months the outer cardboard box may also include perforations to keep them cool while in colder months we may include a plain white heatpack.

You'll love them because:
  • We guarantee freshness or your money back
  • They are farm bred in ethical conditions.
  • They are pre-fed to ensure your reptile is getting a healthy and nutritious meal.
  • Delivered straight to your door in good time.
We recommend small black crickets for the following animal types:
  • Tree Frogs
  • Baby Chameleons
  • Small Spiders
  • Baby Bearded Dragons
  • Baby Leopard Geckos
  • Baby Crested Geckos

Each order of livefood will also come with a free ProRep Jelly pot. The crickets can last quite a while without food but will dehydrate within a week without a source of hydration. We have found that they don't do very well with open bodies of water so the jelly pot is an effective alternative. Simply put the jelly pot into your tub after a day or two of receiving the item.

If you want to keep the crickets as nutritious as possible we would recommend you continue to feed them on a nutritious vegetable diet or with insect foods. For more information on the diet please consult our livefood caresheet.