Springtails - Colony

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Springtails - Colony

Product Code: A370

Springtails - Colony

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Springtails - ColonySpringtails - Colony

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Our springtails are the main cleaner crew for bioactive enclosures. They are very small and hard to catch making them a great cleaner crew for larger amphibians and reptiles. They can also be fed to very small amphibians and invertebrates in place of flies but will be a bit of a smaller meal. Our springtails are dispatched direct from the breeder and will be as healthy as possible on arrival.

This product will be delivered in a plastic container. The bottom of the tub is covered in nutrient rich soil based substrate. The sides of the plastic tub are perforated to provide maximum ventilation with minimum risk of escape. The colony will usually start to hatch in transit and should be fully populated within a week.

If you want to keep the springtails as nutritious as possible we would recommend you continue to feed them on aspecialist springtail diet.