T5 UVB Lighting for Reptiles

The latest technology in fluorescent UVB lighting

High output tubes to project UVB rays further than T8 tubes

Long lasting UVB output lasting up to 12 months

Correctly matched T5 controllers for the best light output

Fast delivery available using a next day courier service

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T5 UVB Canopies

A range of terrarium canopies designed to fit a T5 UV tube. This lighting solution is superior to compact bulb canopies in that the UVB can travel up to 24 inches and will last from 9-12 months.

T5 UVB Fluorescent Tubes

A range of T5 UVB Tubes of various lengths and strengths to suit your pets needs. T5 tubes have a range of 12-24 inches and will last 9-12 months before needing to be replaced.

T5 UVB Reflectors

A range of reflectors for T5 UVB units. These reflectors will allow you to fix your UV tubes to the ceiling and can be used to direct light within the enclosure.

T5 UVB Lighting Bundles

A package including a T5 bulb, reflector and controller. The benefits of the bundle are value and the knowledge that you have definitely got the correct size/wattage of all 3 components.

T5 UVB Starter Units

A range of starter units designed to work with T5 UVB tubes. These units come in a range of wattages to make each tube. A waterproof 'ultraseal' version is also available.